about me

there were a multitude of colors and scenarios growing up. all shades molded me into what i am and what i am not.

i am a writer-
one who views the world in words and emotions or lack-there-of. all experiences are sweeter when i can get them written down to some form of physical existence. i will be at a bar or a meeting trying to scribble anything i can twist into a story of my pleasure.

i am a runner-

i seek cleansing through my body's ability to run on from anywhere between three miles and fifty. i am currently tackling the building stage from the ground up to train for a hundred mile attempt of the javelina jundred on october 31st.

i am a feminist-

the female voice needs to be heard. we need to define, establish and defend our rights in politics, science, health, and education. we need to change how we speak to our young girls and young boys. slut shaming has to stop as does rape culture. cat calling has to die along with the sexual objectification burned into us daily. i dress how i want to dress and i smile when i want to, not when i am told to. i make the choices regarding my health and body. "you're pretty AND smart?!" is not a compliment, yet i hear it too often. 

i am an introvert-
i recoil into a shell of books and solitude when too overly stimulated. i too often prefer the silence of my thoughts than the loud and joyfulness voices of people in the outside world. i am horrible at texting back and sending mail that i have already written. 

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